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Welcome to The HR Leaders Club. 

Being a people leader is awesome. It’s fulfilling to make a difference every day – to your people, your team and your organisation. But being an HR leader can also be a real challenge. It’s lonely, there is so much to learn in the ever-changing landscape of work and self-doubt can leave you paralysed to move forward. 

Enter The HR Leaders Club — a professional community for you, wherever you are on the future-of-work journey. Whether you’re looking to understand some of the technological changes going on in work, hear the latest insights from global thought leaders or just hang out with people facing the same issues as you, this is the community for you.

So stay one step ahead in today's fast-paced, digitally-disruptive world of work. Become a future-fit people leader, solving today’s problems and preparing for those of tomorrow. And together, let's make the future of work a human-centred one!

Unlock new value in yourself... I did!

Hi, I'm Siân and I like to try new things.

I'm a naturally curious person. I like asking questions and learning new things. And I love discovering how people make a difference – to business, to society and to each other. 

It's why I became a journalist many moons ago. In my line of work I have had to change regularly to keep up with new technologies. Who knew when I did my daily walk across London Bridge carrying my portable typewriter as a journalism student that just a year later I would be writing stories on a desktop computer? And that those nights spent sitting in a corridor in my one-bed flat listening to the bleeping, screeching and dinging of a dial-up modem would be replaced by a little rectangular box in my pocket? 

It's all given me a growth mindset and strong belief that continual learning and a supportive peer network helps you become more adaptable to the changes happening in work. And it's this that sits behind The HR Leaders Club. 

If you are looking for a place where you can learn, network and be inspired by the changes taking place in work – available when you want and without judgement – then this is it. I look forward to seeing you inside!

More about me

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Take the overwhelm out of keeping up with the changes in work. Here's how The HR Leaders Club can help:

HR Leaders Club interviews

Inspirational: Masterclasses and interviews with leading future-of-work thinkers and practitioners

A new video interview each month with a leading global thinker or people leader. Fresh ideas that you can put into your business today, delivered in a simple and digestible way, hot off the press!

The HR Leaders Club mobile

Simple: Step-by-step playbooks, straightforward and manageable courses designed to take minimal time

Easy to follow playbooks with each step outlined to help you successfully implement new ways of working. Plus courses of no more than 30 minutes with internationally renowned experts.

The HR Leaders Club modules

Fun: Bitesize, gamified content that is easy to access when and how you want 

Learn and test yourself on the key technologies and trends with explanations, latest research, how-tos and use cases in our Future of Work Learn and Test bitesize modules. Pop in and out at your convenience when you need to know about that subject - and take part in the fun quiz at the end.

HR Leaders Club personal development

Human: It's all about you! Get future-fit, build a human-centred organisation and be part of a supportive network

Discover the nine attributes of the Future Fit HR leader. In each space you can find exclusive videos, tools and techniques and articles to help you develop these attributes. Attend events, live or on-demand, to develop yourself and keep your network live. Access the Five Pillars of the Human-Centred Organisation. Discover content and tools for each of the pillars and take an active role in moving your organisation forward.


£99  a year

For HR students who want to know about the changes taking place in work

  • Five pillars of Human Centred Organisations

  • Learn and Test on the latest tech and trends

  • Courses and Masterclasses

  • Future Fit HR Skills

  • Meet Your Peers



    £297 a year

    For HR professionals keen to build their knowledge and network 

  • Everything in Student plus:

  • Playbooks

  • Exclusive Events

  • Give Back to the Profession: Free Student Place courtesy of your membership



    Then contact us directly to discuss ways in which you can get involved in the community.  

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    Are YOU ready for the Fourth Industrial workplace? Take our fun quiz to find out!

    Are you heading for extinction or ready to move to the next level of HR leadership? Check out our quick quiz to see if you are ready for the changes in work

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    Human centred organisation ©The People Space 2022

    The five pillars of the Human-Centred Organisation for a sustainable future

    Check out The HR Leaders Club's five pillars for what we believe makes a successful organisation – now and in the future. In our Club you can find out more about all five.

    Learn more
    Six themes driving future HR ©The People Space

    The six themes driving future human resources: 

    What will drive the demands of the people practitioner in the people function of the future? Futurist Dave Millner outlines six themes based on  research over the past 10 years and the digital world of work trends that are driving new expectations of the people function.

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    "In such a fast-moving world it is essential that professionals continually share and build their knowledge. The HR Leaders Club provides the perfect environment" - David Frost, People & Organisational Development Director, Dole plc

    David Frost

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